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Talent Impacts was created to deliver Talent Management Consulting services to organisations and provide Coaching services to individuals.

Each service offering is discussed below.

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Talent Management: Planning, Development, Proposition, Acquisition and Performance.

People management is critical to every organisation’s success – making sure they have the right people, in the right places at the right time, contributing maximum effective discretionary effort – but high-growth businesses and others undergoing transformation often do not have the in-house resource they need to advise them in this area. Talent Impacts delivers this expertise for as long as it is required.

Talent Development

Following review conversations a development plan is prepared for individuals and teams. This is linked to a review of the performance management system and overall talent proposition. It also includes the use of psychometric testing to inform development needs. We provide performance and career coaching as required and are trained to coach clients with mental health challenges.

Talent Planning

We help clients integrate talent planning with business scenario planning – this includes the impact of emergent technology. We use talent segmentation, talent portfolio management and people analytics. Our data science driven analytics capability provides efficiency metrics, impact metrics and predictive analytics utilising dashboard reporting.

Talent Proposition

The people value proposition drives leadership behaviour, the performance management system, development and the total reward offering. This has a significant bearing on the culture of the organisation and the ability of the business to hire and retain talent. All aspects of the talent proposition are reviewed and recommendations for action made – this includes Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) and Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR). We then support client implementation.

Talent Acquisition

Our talent acquisition service includes a review of organisation design, role definitions and fit, the acquisition journey and applicant experience and the use of psychometrics in selection decisions and on-boarding. It also addresses issues around regulatory compliance. A report is prepared which contains recommendations for action and we then support client implementation.

Talent Performance

Talent performance covers the system of setting expectations, appraising and rewarding performance in addition to discussions around development. There are a number of important choices to be made in terms of the regularity and methods of performance communication and the separation of reward and development conversations. There are also governance and regulatory issues to consider. We work with clients to review their approach to performance management and where necessary implement changes.



Individual Coaching: Executive, Career, Life

A coaching approach to supporting leadership development at work and successfully addressing life challenges for individuals outside of a work context enables the client to maximise their potential. We undertake an initial scoping and chemistry session and use change focused coaching which is designed to have the desired impact over a short number of sessions.

Coaching can be face-to-face, by telephone or Skype or mixed. We can also incorporate personal fitness training and a one day escape walking over Dartmoor on the heart of Devon.

Fees vary depending on the location and form of coaching. Please contact us to discuss your requirements or book a session.


Executive Coaching

Performance coaching is designed to help clients achieve their goals in work, home and social contexts. It focuses on goals, objectives, perceived barriers to attainment, choices that area available and the strength of desire to achieve stated goals.

Career Coaching

Career coaching is used to support clients who face significant transition choices. This could be moving companies, moving roles within their company, promotion, career derailment, international relocation, leaving to set-up their own business, joining a start-up, redundancy and retirement.

Life Coaching

Life coaching is often used by clients when there are significant changes and challenges in their lives. It is also used
to support clients with mental health challenges which may include lack of confidence, anxiety, depression and
dependency. It may include personal fitness training and advice on nutrition.

Teenage Performance Coaching

Parents often feel that their children are not fulfilling their potential talents. This could be academic, the arts, sporting or a combination. Performance coaching in this context is focused on children who at 15 are approaching their GCSE year to those who are in Higher Education. It seeks to establish their goals and objectives by linking them to the future opportunities which are available to them.